Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your cancellation policy?

    Please read through this policy carefully and contact us if you have any questions as it is non-negotiable.

    A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit equal to one night’s charges plus taxes will be charged to your card at the time of booking. Should you cancel your reservation for any reason this deposit will not be refunded back to you. There is also a 24 hour cancellation policy. Should you cancel after 12pm the day before your arrival you will forfeit your deposit and be charged an additional one night plus taxes. This 24 cancellation policy also applies to shortening your stay at the time of check in or after. Should you cancel any nights after you have checked in and you give us more than 24 hours notice, you will incur a 10% cancellation fee for each night cancelled. If you do not show up for the date on your confirmation your deposit will be forfeited and any remainder of your reservation will be cancelled. Please contact us if you are unable to make your reservation.

  2. If I cancel can I get my deposit back?

    No. As stated in our cancellation policy, terms and conditions, and our room description the deposit is 100% non-refundable for any reason at any time. We understand this may limit travelers who are looking for a more flexible travel itinerary and for these travelers we recommend booking with a property who can offer you that flexibility.

  3. What if I shorten my stay?

    If you cancel/shorten nights to your reservation and we have more than 24 hours notice you will incur a 10% cancellation fee for each cancelled night. If it is inside 24 hours (after 12pm) you will be responsible for the following night’s charges plus taxes. Please refer to our 24 hour cancellation policy.

  4. What if I need to change my dates?

    Changing your dates within 24 hours of your arrival date is equal to a cancellation.

    As long as you are keeping the same number of nights reserved, and there is more than 24hours notice given there is no penalty for changed dates, this is subject to availability. If you need to change your dates and we do not have availability our cancellation policy will apply. Please keep in mind when changing dates our rates fluctuate throughout the season and you are not guaranteed your originally booked rate.

  5. Can I make a reservation for only 1 night?

    During peak season we require a 2 night minimum stay for all reservations. We occasionally have 1 night openings so please contact us if you are looking for 1 night at and we will do our best to try and fulfill your request.

  6. Can I choose my room location?

    No. We experience high occupancy during peak season. We also use a property management system that automatically assigns rooms through a “best fit” room allocation program. Although, we make every effort to accommodate guest requests fulfilling room location requests is very limited.

  7. Do you accept group reservations?

    Due to the size of our property and staff we are unable to accommodate groups requesting more than 3 rooms.

  8. What if I need to check in/check out when the office is closed?

    To check out before the office has opened you may leave the keys in your room on the desk. Please make sure to shut the door behind you.

    To check in after the office has closed you will need to contact us during business hours to arrange for a late check in.

  9. Do you have wifi?

    We offer a very basic, complimentary wifi service. This means during peak usage you may experience slow loading and even complete inaccessibility. Due to our town’s extreme remote location, we are unable to provide anything other than this. We recommend only relying on our free wifi for simple browsing and checking emails. This basic wifi should not be relied on for uploading and downloading.

  10. Are there any exceptions to maximum room occupancies?

    No exceptions can or will be made to this policy. Our maximum occupancies are strictly adhered to due to the size of our rooms and age of our property. The maximum occupancy is 2 persons per bed. Children are counted as persons and do not stay free. Should your party exceed the maximum occupancy including children and we are unable to move you to a larger unit your reservation will be cancelled.

  11. Is there extra room for a crib/cot/rollaway/air mattress?

    No. There will not be room nor do we provide additional bedding of any kind for persons of any age.

  12. How big are your rooms?

    Due to the age of our property, our room sizes are smaller than a typical chain hotel. Please refer to room specifications below.

    • Economy Queen: 144 square feet
    • King: 216 square feet
    • 2 Queen nearest to the road: 264 square feet
    • 1 Queen full kitchen: 164 square feet
    • 1 Queen Deluxe: 236 square feet
    • 2 Queen Deluxe: 295 square
    • *Bathrooms for each room are approximately an additional 20 square feet.
  13. Do you have air conditioning?

    We do provide seasonal air conditioning during the warmer, summer months. Our rooms are cooled by portable air conditioning units.

  14. Do your rooms include coffee makers?

    We offer single cup coffee makers in all of our standard rooms. Complimentary coffee is also available in the office during normal business hours.

  15. Is there additional parking if I have more than 1 vehicle?

    Only 1 parking space is provided per room booked. If you have more than 1 vehicle you will be required to park any extra vehicles off site, this includes trailers. There are a couple of offsite parking options within 1 block of the motel. Please contact the front desk for offsite parking options.

  16. Do you allow pets?

    No. We do not allow any pets on our property or inside any room at any time. Bringing a pet into a room will result in a $250 penalty per night and your reservation will be immediately cancelled.

  17. Do you allow smoking in the room/on the property?

    Smoking is not permitted in any room at any time. Smoking in a room will result in a $250 penalty per night and your reservation will be immediately cancelled. This includes smoking in your doorway. Smoking near any open door or window is not permitted.

  18. Can I cook inside my room

    We do not allow the use of any cooking or heating device in our rooms. Bringing and using a cooking device in a room will result in a $250.00 per night fee and immediate cancellation of your reservation. This is with the exception of our 1 Queen full Kitchen unit. If you did not book this unit, you are not permitted to cook or bring any cooking or heating devices in your room. We do provide a microwave in our guest laundry room for all guest use.

  19. What TV channels do you offer?

    CW, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, ABC Family, AMC Movie, BRAVO, Cartoon Network, FOX News, CNN, Discovery, Food Network, FOX Movie, History, MSNBC, NATGEO, NICK, TBS, TLC, TNT, HGTV, WEATHER, E!

  20. Are you within walking distance to restaurants and shopping?

    Most restaurants in town are within 1-4 blocks of our motel. The “downtown” area starts 2 blocks away from our motel and includes gift shops, grocery stores, restaurants, and other entertainment.

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